Someone Write My Dissertation for Me - A True Story

When Emma from South Carolina first came to, she was worried. Many of her friends and classmates were getting ahead in their dissertation writing, but Emma seemed to be falling further and further behind. Was it the topic she had chosen? Was it the length of the assignment? Was it her other classes getting in the way? She wasn’t sure – but it was that got her out of her academic slump. Below, Emma has graciously offered her story up for future clients of as testament to our incredible (sometimes lifesaving!) services.

Emma’s Testimony

“I felt awful when I finally asked to write my dissertation. I felt like a failure. Everyone else I knew working on their dissertation was doing fine – even my best friends – but I couldn’t even get a full paragraph written. I loved the subject I’d chosen, I’d found the research, but the writing just didn’t come to me. Writing, however, had never really been my strong suit. Just last semester, I had to implore a friend to write my thesis for me because the teacher kept disapproving what I wrote. It was only after getting someone else to put my ideas on paper that the teacher approved of my thesis. I felt relieved, but also confused; I was afraid that if writing a thesis successful had been that hard, how much harder would it be to write an entire dissertation?

“I think I was appropriately afraid, because when the time came to write my dissertation, I drew a blank. Once again, I was the only kid in class that couldn’t force their thoughts into written word. When I discussed my ideas and dissertation with friends, they thought it was brilliant; but when I tried to write my thesis and begin composing a draft, I failed miserably. What else could I do? I finally relented, unwillingly, and came to for help.”

How EZ Changed Me

“It hadn’t spent five minutes talking to customer service representative before my entire attitude shifted. Suddenly, it wasn’t about my difficulty in writing a thesis or a dissertation. It was just about me. What did I want this dissertation to be about? What were my points? What was I trying to say? After an interview, they hooked me up with the writer that would write my dissertation for me. Far from making me feel inferior, this writer was very respectful and very attentive to my needs. She understood my initial unwillingness to have someone else write my dissertation, but also understood that I need some assistance to truly communicate my ideas affectively. Working together, we began to draft up a dissertation – a dissertation I could really be proud of! From the moment we started to write my thesis, to the moment we added the last touches, EZ was helpful, kind, knowledgeable and cheap!

While I wasn’t happy at first with having someone else write my dissertation for me, my fears were quickly negated by I turned in an amazing paper, and it’s all thanks to EZ! If I ever need someone to write my dissertation for me again, I’ll definitely be returning to the one and only EZ!